About Us

Fin-Addict Marine Inc. was established in 1994 as a family owned corporation, building parts in our garage workshop. We originally built accessories for boats out of King Starboard. Through hard work and perseverance we began making components for boat manufacturers. Overtime, we purchased our first CNC router and were able to expand into a commercial space, still building parts at night and on the weekends. As our customer base grew, we began as a full time operation in 2005. Through lots of commitment, we have been able to expand our operation into a 43,500 square foot facility with multiple CNC routers, serving boat manufacturers across the country. We currently have three large format CNC routers and one small format machine.

President - Brown Towles: btowles@finaddictmarine.com
Vice President - Angie Towles: atowles@finaddictmarine.com